Tears of Ice

sound sculpture with electromagnetic microphones, ice, and found objects

'Tears of Ice' is a sound sculpture that utilizes repurposed materials in an attempt to bring them to new life through the movement of water. Suspended from inside of an upside-down oil barrel, a large ice block drips into a silver dish that transforms the sound as it collects water, echoing as if from inside of a reverberating cave. Through the amplification and distortion of drip sounds, the artist is able to translate a sense of immersion above water, rather than being submerged in it, making the experience more accessible to human physicality.

Water brings life to the planets that it inhabits, due to its capacity to expand as it freezes into ice and then contract as it melts. This phenomenon allows spaces to form between layers of rock as the ice melts, which allowed for the first plants on Earth to take root. The ability of ice to float on water makes marine life possible. Essentially, in these ways, water gives [new] life to all materials as we know it. Water is a primordial material that inspires our imagination and draws us back to our origins and beyond.

AniSamperi ยท sound track to installation 'Tears of Ice' (2019) @ Zwitschermaschine, Berlin 29.11.19